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10 Worst Games of 2019

Hard to believe it, but almost half of 2019 has already passed by and during these few months we’ve had our fair share of video game premieres. While some of these titles were true delights and lived up to the hype, others were not so amazing and left a bitter taste in many gamers’ mouth, so in what follows we’re going to count down ten of the worst video games that have seen the light of day in 2019 so far.

Spike Volleyball

This game was made with all the right intentions, a volleyball simulator being truly something new in the dry and dreary scene of sports-based video games. Unfortunately, good intentions don’t count as success and Spike Volleyball has proven to be quite a bad title, packed with a great deal of glitches, unsynchronized mechanics and an overall messy and unfinished gameplay that made gamers scream in despair while trying to play this game.

Generation Zero

Set in Sweden 1989 that was invaded by killer robots, Generation Zero is an open world shooter created by Just Cause developer Avalanche, but unlike its more famous sibling, this title isn’t able to offer a complete and immersive experience. The lush open world and the stealth oriented gameplay are two of the elements that raise the value of this game but the unfortunate repetitiveness of the reused assets is such a big drawback.

Left Alive

Critics and gamers alike were let down by Left Alive, a survival title published by Square Enix and sold for the whooping price of $60. Deemed a total rip-off, this video game has amazing visuals but when it comes to actual gameplay mechanics and fluidity, it simply falls apart, offering a frustrating experience that doesn’t even include much of the stealth elements that were advertised in the first place. Such a big letdown!

At the Gates

An Indie strategy game from the creator of Civilization V, At the Gates puts you into the shoes of a dark age lord whose goal is to build a powerful empire and replace the fallen Roman one. This gaming title offers a good number of gameplay hours where the enthusiasts of the genre will be able to grind and create convoluted plans to grow their influence and ultimately become the absolute victor, but it also lacks in depth, has limited replayability value and quite a lot of bugs.

The Occupation

A highly innovative and complex single-player puzzle game that takes on subjects such as politics and oppression, The Occupation could have been an excellent gaming title if not for the really annoying glitches and poor development choices. The fact that this game doesn’t flow as it should remains one of the biggest problems that stopped it from becoming an unforgettable staple of the gaming scene.

God Eater 3

Very much in the same vein as Monster Hunter, God Eater 3 has the player smashing the same buttons on the controller over and over again until the enemy is dead, but as much fun as all this craziness might look like at first glance, after several such sessions, it will start to feel stale and tedious. And these are also the main complaints of this, otherwise interesting, gaming title: it is way too similar to other games from the same genre.

Crackdown 3

An interesting sandbox where you can bring mayhem and destruction to a futuristic city, Crackdown 3 is good enough to offer a few tens of hours of entertainment but as a AAA title it simply does not stand up to the player’s expectations. As is the case with many premium titles, it lacks important features and while it does have its personal charm, this has proven to not be enough in the end. Crackdown 3 could have been a great game but it missed this chance by a few inches.

Jump Force

Jump Force brings together an alliance of the most powerful Manga heroes from Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto and much more, but sadly this is all we can say that’s interesting about this game, its mechanics being quite dull and substandard. Even the crossover lacks that special spark this kind of games usually have, so the end result is nothing more than a lukewarm fighting game where all you get to do is beat up some Manga characters for several hours in a row.


Anthem is one of those gaming titles that turned famous as soon as it was released but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an excellent game, on the contrary, it has a lack of context, monotonous loot and a nearly non-existent endgame, all in all being nothing more than a pretty game where players can shoot things and feel heroic. For a title that has been so anticipated, Anthem might be considered quite a massive letdown by some people.

Dead or Alive 6

The Dead or Alive series is known for the huge amount of bouncy female body parts that happen to appear during the gameplay, and while this sixth installment is a little tamer than its predecessors in terms of nudity, the gameplay might feel a little bit too similar for the loyal fans of the franchise. Dead or Alive 6 is not a game that you need to directly throw into the trash, but it doesn’t bring anything new to the table and you might as well be playing the previous installment.

gamers explored

10 Gamers Who Explored ONE GAME For Years and Discovered Something New

“Perseverance is the key to success”. This motto seems like it was made for the gaming world where every achievement is awarded after working hard and trying even harder to surpass your drawbacks. Some players are so dedicated they even spend their whole life perfecting themselves by playing and replaying a certain title a million times, and these ten people who explored one game for years and discovered something new every time are the perfect example of how perseverance looks like.

World of Warcraft Players Discovered a Hidden World Boss

Redditor “drfievel” and his friends discovered a hidden world boss in World of Warcraft after playing the popular mmorpg for several years in a row. This fearsome enemy was named Kosumoth and was found in a certain obscure cave on the Broken Isles, the entire process of seeking him out being kind of convoluted so it’s no wonder that it stood hidden for such a long period of time. Patience and tenacity definitely repay the players of WoW!

GTA V Player Solved Mt. Chilliad’s Mystery after 4 Years

The meaning of the mural found on Mount Chilliad has been a mystery for the first three years after the game’s release, so when this extremely dedicated gamer managed to solve it after playing a million times and thinking of all the possible connotations the drawing might have, the entire community remained in awe. Sir Galehaut did thorough research and put together the ultimate analysis of the mural and we cannot be but impressed by his dedication.

Gamer Plays Skyrim for Years to Discover that Dragons Change the Terrain

A Reddit user named hyrte0010 made a post about how he has been playing Skyrim for several years only to discover one fortunate day that dragons can actually make a dent into the terrain, damaging the ground they fall upon. It seems that this only happens if you hit a dragon while in flight and make it weak enough so that it may crash on the ground, or so the original poster has explained on the Skyrim subreddit.

Halo: Reach Players Spent Seven Years Trying To Enter A Cutscene Room

There are some Easter eggs in video games that you know are hard to reach and then there are the really impossible things that you have to do and you’ll quickly give up even trying to achieve them. For example, the idea of getting into a particular cutscene room in Halo: Reach sounds so crazy that you wouldn’t even attempt to carry on with this insane task. But not these players, who spent no less than seven years trying to enter the cutscene! They gave it their all to see it done!

Battlefield 1 Players Struggled for A Year To Open This Door

Nicknamed the Zombie Door, this secret entrance was so well locked that it took gamers a full year of trial and error to actually be able to open it and discover the secrets that stood hidden behind it. Because there was a succession of specific steps that had to be followed and completed in order to open this door, this task turned into a highly difficult one so it’s no wonder that it took one full year of playing Battlefield 1 to actually discover it.

Secret World Found hidden in ‘Legend of Zelda’ 30 years after its Release

The Minus World stood in the shadows for 30 years, ever since the original Legend of Zelda title was released, this secret section being purposely hidden by developers inside the depths of the game, but, as is the case with many other incredible discoveries, a player named Skelux put all his skills to work and found it. Identifying himself as someone who “dissects classic video games”, this expert player managed to uncover this secret world after three whole decades.

Guy Discovered A Never Before Seen Mario 64 Coin

It seems that when you keep on playing the same video game for months and even years in a row, unexpected details start to surface, like this never before seen Mario 64 coin that was found by Scott Buchanan, a video games expert that managed to uncover the rare 2,093rd coin of the game. The entire finding process is an overly complicated one so we’re not going to go into details right now, but instead we’re going to celebrate the sheer dedication of this gamer.

Minecraft Player Plays for Five Years, Loses Game

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your progress in a video game after you’ve been playing for hours, but how about losing a game of Minecraft that you’ve been struggling on for FIVE years?! This simply sounds like torture and Phil Watson can tell you how painful it is to lose all of your achievements in a matter of seconds. Sadly, this story doesn’t have a happy ending like the others in our list, because, sometimes, the only discovery you can make after playing a game for years is how deep frustration really feels like.

This Gamer Made a Forever-Marathon of Every Metal Gear Solid Game

You know you are the ultimate fan of a franchise when you have been playing and replaying their games a thousand times, and this gamer who has been making a forever-marathon of all the Metal Gear Solid titles is the living proof of this idea. George Salonikh said that he wanted to make a living out of playing video games but didn’t want to compete in eSports, so he made his own niche where he has been playing the same games for years in a row discovering that one could actually put food on the table by streaming their favorite video game over and over again.

Street Fighter II Combos Discovered After 28 years

When a game has been out for 28 years, you can imagine that any secrets that it might hold were discovered a long time ago, but believe it or not “the world’s greatest fighting game combo technician” named Desk dug out a series of incredible unseen combos in Street Fighter II after playing the game for a million times, probably. The truly incredible thing is that these moves are really-really hard to put together so the gamer who discovered them is a real skilled hero.


Hidden Details from Games People Didn’t Notice

Every time you find an easter egg in a video game you feel like a fully-fledged Sherlock Holmes, but no matter how mighty you might feel, you have to accept that there are still some hidden secrets that you probably didn’t know about. And because we like to dive deep into anything and everything video game related, we’ve put together an amazing list with 10 hidden details that people didn’t notice in the video games that they were playing.

Cucco Lady – A Link To The Past

The pesky Cuccos were first introduced in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and since then they have been chasing players with their insatiable appetite for destruction once they were pestered by the unknowing gamers. In Kakariko village you’ll get the chance to turn one of these fowls into a lady and maybe in this humanized form you’ll get some more info on the topic of why they are such an endless nuisance and what they truly want from life.

Saving The Animals – Super Metroid

Not every hidden game secret feels the need to include something drastic, like a destructive force, in fact, this example from Super Metroid allows for a super happy ending where a bunch of helpful alien animals get to live happily ever after. Huddled together in a secret room, this motley crew can be saved by Samus if you blow a hole in one of the walls and let them escape the planet before it goes kaboom. A tiny ship will be seen tagging along with Samus’ during the ending.

Warp Whistle 1 – Super Mario Bros 3

It’s no wonder that this trick stayed hidden for such a long time, it’s so unexpected that nobody would have thought of doing it. In Super Mario Bros 3 you can drop down behind a specific white brick that appears to be part of the background and walk behind the end of the level right into the zone where the first secret warp whistle is hidden. How and why? We don’t know that! In fact, nobody knows, this is why this is called an easter egg.

Fight Reptile – Mortal Kombat

The recipe for success is usually a very convoluted one and, in this case, we are really dealing with some sort of sorcery. Reptile is an elusive Mortal Kombat opponent that can only be “summoned” if a succession of specific steps is followed: you need to do a double flawless fatality on The Pit during a one-in-six chance when some shapes are passing in front of the moon. How does this sound? Complicated, right? This is actually how it was intended to be!

The other Half of the Game – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Bravo, you just finished Symphony of the Night, you’re a real hero, but what about the second castle? Wait, what, there’s a second castle? Bet you didn’t know that, and this is how most players missed half of the game! It appears that you have to wear a pair of holly glasses while battling the final boss in order to see the real enemy that hovers above Richter’s head. What, wasn’t that blatantly obvious? How on Earth could people miss it so many times? Noobs.

Secret Stars – Braid

The secret empty constellation that can be seen in the first area of Braid can pass as a simple decorative item, nothing being hinted about its easter egg-ish nature throughout the game, but through a series of intricate steps you’re able to collect all of the stars and unveil some extra plot details that will make this already awesome game even more mesmerizing. Without giving too many spoilers, we can tell you that solving this secret involves using the moving platforms.

Wesker’s Desk – Resident Evil 2

Wesker’s desk in Resident Evil 2 is a total mess, you can search it all you want for more clues but it has been ransacked and there’s nothing you can do about it, or can you? If you’re patient enough and start to dig through rubble for no less than 48 times, you’ll find a roll of film that will reveal Wesker has a thing for Rebecca Chambers wearing a small basketball uniform. Since the film was undeveloped, we already know who took the pictures… Yes, Wesker, we’re looking at you!

Secret of the Statues – God of War

Do you remember the two massive and apparently indestructible statues that you happen to pass by just when you’re about to take your seat on Ares’ throne? The truth is that they are actually destructible environment, but you’ll have to hit them a few hundred times to eventually shatter them to pieces. The reward? A free in-game telephone number that when dialed you’ll get to hear David Jaffe talking with Kratos. Not the reward we were hoping for, but definitely a damn well-hidden detail!

Chief’s Name on Bullet – Halo

You know how Master Chief is considered the absolute poster boy when it comes to the Halo franchise? Well, they took this idea so seriously that they even branded the bullets in Halo 3 with the Chief’s name, but as you can imagine this secret is virtually impossible to discover without a little help. The only way to actually be able to read what’s written on the bullet casings is if you play the game in Theater Mode and manipulate the camera angle in order to see the underside of the ammo that has just been fired.

Creepy Robbie – Silent Hill 4: The Room

As if the Silent Hill franchise wasn’t already terrifying enough with all the jump scares it throws at us, some disturbing secret details needed to be mixed in just to shake things a little bit more. One such instance involves the infamous Robbie the Rabbit, who sits in Eileen Galvin’s room in Silent Hill 4 and although it seems to be as inanimate as a stuffed toy could be, it will make your heart stop once you see how he points at you after Eileen is taken to the hospital later in the story. He knows what you’ve done and he is now judging you.

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8 Best Friends Made Through Gaming

Gaming has always been regarded with a great deal of skepticism, people deeming it an unhealthy medium where players learn how to be violent, become addicted to sitting all day at their computer and live a lazy life. But these inspiring stories that display incredible friendships blooming thanks to online games will totally tip the balance towards the positive aspects of playing online games and getting in touch with people form all over the world. 

Best Friends from GTA Meet In their Favorite Game Location

For the general public, Grand Theft Auto is just an overly violent video game where players gang up in order to rob banks, shoot people and run over pedestrians, but when played online with other likeminded gamers, it can turn into the perfect place to meet people that can become your best friends. Nikkievercetti and King Duncan made a statement about the connective power online games have when they met for the first time IRL after playing GTA online together for about one year. Of course, they chose to meet in their favorite spot that inspired the pier from Los Santos.

Couple Gets Engaged in Game and Then in The Real Life

Getting married in a video game is not unheard of, in fact, many players were doing this kind of thing in popular games like World of Warcraft, for example. Marie and Jay Coulbeck crafted some killer avatars for themselves in the 3D chat room IMVU and after interacting almost daily, they decided to get engaged, virtually. Even though their real-life personas didn’t physically match the perfection of their online ones, these two lovebirds ended up getting married IRL, in one of the most heart melting love stories online gaming has ever seen.

Online Friends Meet IRL after One Gets Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

A group of six online players have been getting together in games for about five years without meeting in person until one of them started receiving treatment for cancer. Even though they only interacted with each other online, once they met in the real world, they immediately bonded as if they knew each other since forever. Such a moving story finally sheds some positive light on the video game industry that is usually blamed for perpetuating violence, addiction and an anti-social behavior.

Halo 3 Sessions Start a Life Long Friendship

Yet another exceptional story about the powerful social component video games have is that of two complete strangers who became best friends in the real world after playing Halo 3 for several years. As the protagonists of this story describe it, they would have never met if it wasn’t for online gaming, one of them living in California, and the other one in Washington. What’s even more amazing is that they became such good pals, they met several times over the years and even got together to go on a trip to the Bahamas.

Group of Friends Finally Meets to Play D&D IRL

A Reddit post where a user tells his inspiring story of how he and six other friends finally got to see each other in real life after their only interaction was through online gaming sessions got upvoted about 4 thousand times. A Dungeons & Dragons game that started at 9 p.m and ended at 3 a.m is what brought them together for the first time in real life, the entire experience being described as immensely entertaining and meaningful, as you would expect.

Young Rapper Meets 86-Year-Old Grandma He’s Been Words-with-Friends With

Spencer and Roz have, perhaps, the most unusual of friendships, the 64-year age gap that separates them being seen as a major impediment that would have never been broken if they would have first met in real life. What brought them together though, was the Scrabble-like game Words with Friends and after playing more than 300 games together, Spencer finally went to Florida to meet his new best friend in the flesh.

Dad Becomes Best Friends with Xbox Buddy

After seven years of intense gaming on the Xbox, these two buddies finally got to meet each other in real life too and their encounter was a true celebration that was documented in the most genuine of ways by one of the gamers’ daughter. The photos of the pair immediately went viral on Twitter, people being encouraged to talk about their own new age gaming friendship tales. This story became so popular, that even Xbox got on the bandwagon and created a Gif of the BFFs.

Guy Makes Xbox Friend Who He Never Met IRL His Best Man

There isn’t a stronger piece of evidence that online friends are exactly like real life ones than this story about an in-game friendship that lasted for 15 years and reached its peak when one of the guys decided to make the other one the best man at his wedding even though they have never seen each other outside of the virtual world. This immense amount of trust they shared shows that establishing strong bonds doesn’t necessarily require a physical contact.

horizon zero dawn

The Most Beautiful Open World Games of All Time

Open world games have the unique advantage of offering players complete liberty when it comes to exploring each and every corner of the universe that surrounds them. And because, over time, this gaming genre has acquired quite some appreciation, in what follows we will be capitalizing on this admiration and reveal our very own list that includes ten of the most beautiful open world games that were ever released on the market.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Set in Ancient Greece, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the necessary breath of fresh air that the popular franchise needed. With stunning visuals and a highly engaging storyline, this open world gaming title will definitely mesmerize you with its luxuriant sceneries and life-like animations with the help of it’s over 100 hours of gameplay. Odyssey has a truly exquisite look about it and will definitely enter history as one of the best-looking video games out there.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Ever since Horizon: Zero Dawn was launched, the story of Aloy has been taking us through the unique world of a video game that does not only offer an immensely authentic gameplay experience, but it also gives us aesthetic gratification. Every little detail that was put into the making of this RPG brings something new and different to the story, the final result being an utterly unique visual journey that we get to enjoy every time we play this game.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Legend of Zelda is one of the most iconic gaming series in the entire world, its emotional plotline, significant characters and well-rounded gameplay being appreciated even by the most pretentious of gamers. Garnering such a solid legacy, Breath of the Wild is simply astonishing, the otherworldly graphics it features and the refreshed mechanics making fans fall in love over and over again every time they are immersing themselves in the beauty of this game.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The second instalment of the Red Dead Redemption franchise was definitely one of the most anticipated video games of the past few years, and the good thing is that it did not disappoint. On the contrary, this western adventure not only brought back the heated gun fights of its forefather but it also filled our eyes with glowing red sunsets, rich prairie décors and well-polished characters that looked and felt as if they were real. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 is such a successful gaming title that Netflix took it upon themselves to create a TV series that will revolve around the popular heartthrob known as Geralt of Rivia. This role playing title is not only appreciated for its engaging gameplay but it also has a lot to offer in terms of graphics, its visuals passing the test of time even after four years since the game was first released on the market. Wild Hunt is undeniably one of the masterpieces that shaped the gaming scene.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Beauty can come in many forms and Batman: Arkham Knight is the perfect epitome that showcases this idea, its dark and moody atmosphere being so attentively designed that it’s impossible not to appreciate the artistic value of the game. In total contrast with the more vivid imagery found in other gaming titles, the bleak scenery of Gotham has its own perks, the strong contrast between the night sky and the piercing red lights of the city being an iconic visual trademark of the Batman universe.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Apart from its brutal and bloody world that, to be honest, shows the authentic reality of the Middle Ages, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a truly good-looking game, the amount of sheer details that it features in each of its frames being, at times, overwhelming. This title not only challenges the player when it comes to combat mechanics, but it also offers the visually calibrated context necessary to tell a convincing story.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Shadow of War is a beautifully intense gaming title, both in terms of gameplay and when it comes to aesthetic value, the saturated colors and vibrant nuances of the environment perfectly complimenting the powerful storyline. For the hardcore fans of the Lord of the Rings universe, this action role-playing title is the ultimate experience when it comes to having a taste of the intricate and intriguing world created by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Final Fantasy XV

There is no gamer on the face of the Earth who hasn’t heard about Final Fantasy, the cultural importance of this series having a great impact on people. The latest title of the franchise is not only packed with fast paced action and challenging fights but it also manages to immerse the player into its universe through the perfectly gorgeous graphics it features. Final Fantasy XV is a true feast for your eyes and it will definitely retain its value for many years to come.

Forza Horizon 4

The world of Forza Horizon 4 is so genuine and authentic that even watching a gameplay video can make you feel like you were sitting right in the very car that’s racing through rain, snow, sun or something in between, all of the above being rendered in such a realistic way that you can almost feel the drops of water on your skin. The beauty of this racing open world title is uncontestable and every minute spent playing it simply fills your soul with great satisfaction.


Things Fortnite Players Dislike The Most

It’s no secret that Fortnite is an immensely popular and highly beloved video game but as is the case with many other competitive titles on the market, there are situations when players get annoyed by various elements or happenings that disturb them throughout the gameplay. And because we want to show you that you’re not alone in this ordeal, we’ve put together a video that highlights ten of the worst things that Fortnite players hate.

Bush Campers

Campers are definitely the most hated player typology in the entire history of video gaming but the bush campers from Fortnite are a totally different kind of annoyance, because they can stay hidden in the vegetation until there are only two players left in the game and then jump out and kill them, ultimately winning the match. In conclusion, bush campers are the supreme nightmare when it comes to things that players hate in Fortnite. 


There’s an entire cult of hatred built around the so called “defaults”, which means players who don’t have a special skin. These ostracized entities are said to be either noobs who are dead weight for the team, or veteran gamers who are simply “smurfing” the game, or, in other words, are hiding behind a mask of incompetence just to annoy other teammates. Be it as it may, “defaults” are amongst the most hated things that come to mind when asking a Fortnite player what really pushes his or her buttons in this game.

When your Killer Starts Dancing

Dancing and Fortnite go like peanut butter and jelly but there’s a time and place for celebration, and that is definitely not after you get killed by an enemy. No matter how cruel those impromptu dancing sessions seem, they start right after you’ve kicked the proverbial bucket and no matter how annoyed you are by them, the triumphant players will continue to perform these dances, gloating at your dismay and contorting their bodies in the most victorious of ways.

Drinking a Big Shield Potion Mid Fight

Because they are slower than the small shield potions, big or standard ones seem to be dreaded by the majority of players. It’s not that they aren’t efficient, on the contrary, but when you drink one of those due to certain circumstances and then right after that you find the mini version that would have worked way faster, you just know that you are not lucky today. So, drinking a big shield potion and immediately finding a small one is one of those things that probably keep Fortnite players awake at night.

Shotguns that Don’t Do Enough Damage

It seems that shotguns are the source of many frustrations in the popular game of Fortnite, countless players cursing the inefficiency of these weapons and swearing that they are losing matches because of them. Back when the battle royale title was first released, shotguns were a little too overkill so developers nerfed them in such a way that nowadays they are practically useless, turning into real memes inside the community.

The Rocket Kills You but Not the Enemy

In a twisted play of Karma, the beautifully destructive rocket that you just launched kills all life forms around it, including you, except it doesn’t kill the targeted enemy… you know… the person you were actually trying to kill. This horror scenario is not just a hypothetical one, the reality being that such unfair things happen in Fortnite with a pretty annoying regularity. Evidently, players are terrorized by these instances and as much as they’d love to see the blazing flames of the rocket launcher burn bright, they always feel like everything could turn against them in mere seconds.

A Chest with Terrible Items

Finding chests and looting them is a common fun activity present in many video games, but Fortnite desperately relies on you finding important and good items inside these boxes because it’s the only way of upgrading your gear, especially at the beginning of a match. With this in mind, you can only imagine how exasperating it is to run across the map and stumble upon the worst chest there is – filled only with garbage items and deep frustration.

Die when in Top 3

Reaching Top 3 in Fortnite is one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world but all this joy can rapidly turn into sorrow if you happen to die exactly when you almost reach the end. An avalanche of intense anger is the usual result of this happening, biting the dust right when you managed to finally qualify among the best players being the worst feeling ever. Game after game, the possibility to blow it when you are so close to the end really gets on a player’s nerves.

You Win a Fight But still Get Killed

Getting killed right after winning a tough fight is by far one of the most irritating feelings ever and in Fortnite this thing can happen quite often taking into consideration the ultra-competitive nature of this battle royale gaming title. Players are especially annoyed by the “defaults” that get to claim their head right after getting out victorious from an impossible fight, so it’s only natural that they lose their wits after such a terrible thing happens.

Cancelling a Potion

Using a potion or an item that has a timer and being forced to move just to cancel its effect when it only had a few seconds until completion awakens the fiercest of rages in any player. The worst is when you are in the middle of a heated fight and you have to stand still for the healing potion to take effect but you also have to avoid getting killed and these two actions simply do not seem to go together nicely, so you end up actually cancelling the potion and regretting this stupid action for the rest of your life.


10 Games That Let You Destroy The World

There is no better cure for when you’re feeling just a little bit misanthropic than to get your hands on a video game and shatter the entire universe to pieces. Thanks to the rebellious nature of many developers we now have the chance to enjoy a good deal of gaming titles where we get to fully annihilate entire planets or civilizations, so without further ado let’s get to the action and see ten of the best games that let you destroy the world.

Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction

Playground of Destruction received acclaim for its “focus on exploding mayhem” and we think this phrase pretty much sums up the nature of this action-adventure title. Set somewhere in North Korea, Mercenaries focuses its entire gameplay around the idea of extreme violence, giving players numerous opportunities to destroy everything that might stand in their way. With a voracious appetite for chaos, this video game is definitely not joking when it comes to blowing up the world.

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is a whole different animal, being a FPS, survival horror, tower defense and role-playing game at the same time. Very similar to Minecraft, this holistic gaming title allows players both to build and to destroy pretty much every type of construction, but as you might have already guessed, we are mainly interested in the demolition part of this equation and this destruction can be achieved fairly simple with the use of the almighty TNT, a really nice invention that facilitates the destruction of things.

Universe Sandbox

In Universe Sandbox you are able to literally blow up the world, an exploding Planet Earth being one of the most iconic images associated with this gaming title. At its core, this interactive space gravity simulator was mainly intended to be used as an educational tool but because the sky is the limit when it comes to human imagination, players often create mayhem and destruction within this game, unleashing their darkest desires.


Breach is a first-person shooter that is known for its ultra-destructible environment and, similar to any other gaming title that involves a certain amount of violence you can point your gun at pretty much anything that happens to cross your path. As a media product, this video game does not dwell on refinement and intelligence, instead it can be used as the perfect tool to blow off some steam while rampaging through the battlefield smashing everything in your way.

The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction

Everyone who has even the slightest idea who the Hulk is knows that wherever this green giant might be, ultimate destruction will surely follow, his unstoppable rage being the tagline that defines his entire career in the Marvel universe. Similar to the comic book counterpart, this beat’em up title focuses on the neurotic episodes of the verdant monster, the final result being an adrenaline infused gameplay where you get to rip pieces out of buildings and crush cars as if they were mere cans of coke.

Blast Corps

A 1997 classic, Blast Corps comes from an age and time when video games where in their early stages of development, being a fairly unknown and often misjudged medium. In such a context, this action video game was sporting a premise where the player had to destroy various buildings by crashing into them while driving a number of different vehicles. Blast Corps was highly appreciated back in its time and it still remains an iconic title to this day.

Destroy The World

With a name that perfectly summarizes its intentions, Destroy the World is a video game where you get to try your hand at obliterating everything that is alive by using the force of nuclear power plants to your advantage. This innocent looking title packs much more under the hood and, in fact, is a ruthless simulator where players can go wild and kill each and every life form from the face of the Earth, including baby seals.

Red Faction: Guerrilla

We simply couldn’t have made this list and without including Red Faction: Guerilla, this abhorrently entertaining gaming title having just one goal: to facilitate the utter and absolute destruction of the universe. Sweating testosterone and anger, this gaming title is nothing more than a practice ground for the ultra-irritated gamers who want to calm their minds by exploding building after building or sledge hammering some cars.

Planetary Annihilation

Sporting a name that makes you think of an extreme gore death metal band, Planetary Annihilation is a real-time strategy game with a fast-paced gameplay and an action infused storyline, the players having to show their craftsmanship when it comes to defeating and totally obliterating the home planets of their enemies. Planetary Annihilation gets bonus points for making you think a little before encounters because sometimes brute force and brawn won’t be enough to win.

Destroy All Humans!

Last but definitely not least, Destroy All Humans! Is probably in the hearts and minds of many players, its witty plot and well-oiled mechanics making for a truly enjoyable experience of vaporizing the human race in a blink of an eye. Stepping into the shoes of a quirky alien who wants nothing more than to wipe all humans off the face of the Earth can be a very welcome change of perspective and it will definitely pave the way to new and untested methods of destroying the world.


10 Time People Took Survival Games Too Far

Survival games are a very sought-after adrenaline rush that some people enjoy a lot and others even become so obsessed with them that they spend hundreds of hours playing and replaying their favorite titles. Either knowingly or involuntary, these people tend to get way too involved in their gaming sessions and do all kinds of record-breaking things, and to celebrate their immense passion we’ve put together a list with ten instances when people took survival games too far.

Lorenzo Ramondetti Played Resident Evil 4 & 5 for 36:29:40

It’s simply unimaginable how someone could stay productive for 36 and a half hours, constantly having his heart tested by jump scare after jump scare and gory monsters that seem to appear out of nowhere. But the truth is that Lorenzo Ramondetti managed to play and replay Resident Evil 4 and 5 time and time again, without getting bored or dying of a heart attack, for that matter. Honestly, he deserves all the kudos in the world both for his patience and for his stamina, that were surely needed for such a terrifying endeavor.

Dying Light Spotlight Edition costs $10m

Priced at the whopping sum of $10 million, Dying Light Spotlight Edition was not only intended to be sold as part of a tremendous PR stunt the developers came up with, but it is also a perfect example of “when people take survival games too far”. In this case, the exaggeration comes from the fact that nobody in their right mind would spend such a fortune on a gaming title, even though this would give them the opportunity to win a speaking role in Dying Light: The Movie including professional acting lessons from Roger Craig Smith, who is playing Ezio in Assassin’s Creed.

Longest Marathon Playing Minecraft lasted 35:40:02

Everybody knows that Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in the world, its massive player base being comprised of gamers of all ages, but it was only one person who was able to set a word record playing this survival title. Mark Walls-Sawchuk from Wisconsin glued himself to the chair from the 1st to the 2nd of June 2016 and played Minecraft as if there was no tomorrow for no less than 35 hours, 40 minutes and 2 seconds. Impressive, right?

UnReal World (survival) – Longest Update Support for a Videogame

UnReal World is a 1992 rogue-like survival game developed by two Finnish friends, the truly interesting fact about this gaming title being that it receives regular updates even to this day and, in conclusion, the Guinness Book of Records awarded it an accolade for the “longest update support for a videogame” back in 2017. The dedication these two developers had and still have towards their game is simply amazing and even though they might have taken their love for the game too far, this time it’s definitely for a positive outcome.

Streamer uhTrance Finished Resident Evil 7 in 94 minutes

Resident Evil 7 gained quite a recognition when it comes to scaring the heck out of its players, the majority of them being unable to spend even one full hour playing this ultra-gory gaming title. But as we already know, there is always a hero ready to save the honor of all these faint-hearted players and finish the game in 94 minutes! His name is uhTrance, he is a streamer and he deserves a round of applause for managing to finish a 10 hour long survival game in one and a half hours, scary moments included!

Carcinogen – the Player Obsessed with No-hit Runs in Resident Evil

Carcinogen began his speed running career back in 2006 and since then he managed to finish a great deal of video games in a blink of an eye, his specialty being horror survival titles from the Resident Evil series. As if they weren’t already hard to beat while playing them at a normal pace, this fearless gamer is now aiming to finish them without even taking a single hit, showing that dedication can sometimes go as far as to become an everyday life style.

Kurt J. Mac Traveled 2,097 km in Minecraft’s Survival

Kurt J. Mac has been walking towards the fabled Far Lands since 2011 and in 2015, when this record was set, he had managed to traverse the stunning number of 2,097,152 blocks – the equivalent of 2,097 kilometers (or about 1300 miles). This wild dream started as a mere hobby, but as videos featuring him simply walking through Minecraft gained quite a YouTube following, he thought of using this as an encouragement to continue even further and also use this quest as a means to raise money for charity.

The Longest Survival-horror Marathon is 46:34:48

In September 2017, a gamer named Thomas Frey managed to get the record for the longest videogame marathon on a survival-horror title, playing for 46 hours, 34 minutes and 48 seconds. The inspiring resilience of intensely focusing for two full days while running for your life in a video game is definitely an out-of-this-world thing and we cannot feel but amazed by each and every player who owns a world record of this caliber.

Twitch Horror Gamer Breaks World Record after Being Startled by Daughter

JurassicJunkie is a Twitch streamer from the UK who became popular by gathering over 2 million viewers on one of his clips where he was playing Outlast 2 in the dark, with his headphones on, when suddenly his daughter surprised him with a cold beverage. The shriek of terror he let out when he saw the toddler lurking behind, helped him enter the Guinness Book of Records for the “most viewed video on Twitch”. When you get a jump scare from your infant, you know you have been playing for too long, right?

Fastest Time to Build a House in Minecraft Survival is 3:54 min

Building a house in Minecraft Survival mode is no walk in the park but if you manage to be very resourceful, know where to find materials and how to put them together in a fast and efficient way you can get it done in as few as 4 minutes, or so we can gather from the record established by Christopher Rüsch from Germany, who managed to raise this structure from the ground in just 3 minutes and 54 seconds.


8 Things Rockstar has Planned for GTA 6

A lot of rumors have been sprouting all over the internet about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title, including a fake release date and numerous failed photoshop jobs depicting a disk cover managed to get released to the public and this made gamers skip a heartbeat. But because none of them proved to be true, we’re here to discuss 8 of the possible things Rockstar is planning to put into GTA 6. Even though we’re not certain of anything as of yet. So, keep your fingers crossed and hope good things will happen!

For the best experience watch the video:

Release Date in 2022

Because we know this is one of the first questions that comes to mind when thinking about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title, we’re going to cut to the chase and tell you that we’re not going to see any new heists until 2022. From what could be gathered from online trusted sources, Rockstar is most probably going to release the sixth installment of the series just in time for the new generation of consoles so this is why they’re not hurrying things along.

Flights between US and South America

It seems that one of the novelties that this new game will bring will be a series of missions that will likely take pace somewhere in South America, the player will have to take a flight from the US in order to reach the exotic destination where the next mission will take place. This is apparently a real possibility and we truly hope that this feature will be included in the final game because it sounds so good that we simply can’t wait to experience such an amazing change of scenery.

For the best experience watch the above video!

Theme: Drugs

It is believed that this time Rockstar is going to dive into stories involving mobs and drug trafficking, drawing inspiration from the success of Netflix’s Narcos. While they have already experimented with more mature themes in the other GTA titles, tackling the subject of narcotics is definitely way more sensitive and might raise a series of eyebrows upon release. However, there’s no doubt that the release of GTA 6 is definitely going to stir up some controversy somewhere.

Massive Map: All America

Another assumption that was wildly present across the web is that this ultra-expected gaming title will spread across a massive map and will have an extensive world that is going to include all of America. Most probably the players will be able to travel between locations and take part in instanced missions across a number of different cities, each and every time enjoying a varied and entertaining scenery where major action scenes will play off.

Set in Vice City

Even though the storyline might take the protagonist throughout the two Americas, the main action will most likely be set in Vice City, thus Rockstar making a return to their origins and bringing back a lot of memories from the earlier title from the GTA series. It remains to be seen if this presumption is really going to become a reality; but chances are that it will be, from what we could gather reading and listening to interviews with the developers. So, get ready to search for those nostalgic easter eggs reminding you of the original GTA Vice City.

A Female Protagonist

When Dan Houser, vice president of Rockstar, was asked if they ever thought about introducing a female character in GTA 5, he answered that it didn’t necessarily seem natural for the plotline of that particular title but, in the future, they are definitely thinking of giving the lead to a strong lady figure. Now, the sensible conclusion is that the sixth title in the famous GTA series is most probably going to break the ice and have at least a female character included in the cast.

Playing as a Cop or as a Criminal

Yet another idea that makes our heart jump with joy: being able to play either as a cop or as a criminal would be one of the most wonderful surprises Rockstar could ever unveil, this dual storyline being a true gem when it comes to gameplay variety and overall immersion into the story. Let’s hope that we can get this piece of news confirmed as soon as possible because it’s really something we are looking forward to in the new GTA 6. We also hope to see some great undercover cop action.

Will Take Place in the 70’s/80’s

Many people tend to believe that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title will take place in the 70’s or the 80’s, the retro vibe of these periods giving an entirely unique feeling to the whole gaming title in its entirety. Will Rockstar go for the vintage look, or give us modern, even electric, cars to play around with? We have to admit that GTA 6 is one of the most expected gaming titles of the future and we simply cannot wait until new information will surface about this highly anticipated game.